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K Cups Coupons – Where did the k cup come from and why is it so popular? To understand the k cup phenomenon we must take a look back to the Keurig patent # 6,607,762. That was in 2001 and the patent was for a single cup coffee machine that used the now famous “k cup.” At the same time in Waterbury, Vermont Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was making its mark in the coffee roasting business.

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With foresight that stretched into the present, Green Mountain bought about 35 to 41 % of Keurig. With the k cup taking off like wild fire, Green Mountain bought the remaining shares of Keurig in 2006. Now, Keurig is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Mountain. The k cup revolution has spawned a $1 billion plus business.

The k cup took off because of its simplicity and ease of operation. No messy coffee filers, no filling up the filter. Just pop the k cup in the machine, push the on button and bring the handle down and poof, you have a single cup of coffee. Plus, you can choose from many tens of varieties to suit your individual taste.

Green Mountain has leaped ahead of the competition by partnering with other name brands by letting them use their own label on the k cup. Here are some of the partners: Donut Shop, Newman’s Own, Caribou, Timothy’s, Tully’s, Wolfgang Puck, Gloria Jean’s, Coffee People, Emeril’s Celestial Seasonings, Kahlua, Bigelow, Millstone, Biffs, Starbucks, Lavazza, Seattles Best, Folgers, Maxwell House, Roasterie and Decaf. With these partners, Green Mountain now has over 70% of the single cup market.

As a careful shopper you are looking for the best deal. With the economy in a depressed state, shoppers are going to coupons to get discounts off the regular retain price. There are several ways to access coupons. You can cut and clip from local newspapers. Or you can go online for coupons. Still another way is to watch for storewide offers.

Finding K Cup Coupons

When they say there is opportunity in every crisis, the best example is the explosion of the coupon market. For the clever, computer savvy shopper there are literally many tens of coupon offers. The k cup market is especially fertile ground because coffee is a universal product. Coffee is also a usable product that needs replacement.

You can start with the two key players, Green Mountain and Keurig. The Green Mountain website touts 135 varieties to choose from. If you click the top bar, you’ll get 5% off on every item. Then, if you have a keen eye, you can click on the Savings Club and get 15% or more on some items. Keep looking and you see Deal of the Week button.

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Here for example, you can get $3.00 off on k cup coupons of Dark Magic and special deals on Packs and Bags. The Keurig website gives you 5 pages of coffee varieties to choose from. They will give you free shipping for orders of $45.00 or more. In addition, they offer 10-15% discounts on packs with Club Keurig. Their selections include coffee, tea, hot cocoa, iced beverages and specialty coffees.

Next you have host of coupon companies. 11th Streetcoffee.com offers an extensive selection of k cup coupons. They have free shipping for orders of $60.00 or more. They show their most recent discount price for each item. Retail chains such as Kohl’s has a list of k cup coupons. They offer 99 cents free shipping per item or free shipping for orders of $75 or more. In addition they give you 15% off everything. Retailmenot.com has a mix of various k cup coupons. For example they will give you $1.00 off on extra bold. If you register your machine and buy 2 bags of 24 count you will get two bags free. They give free shipping for orders of $45.00 or more.

Where To Look For K Cup Coupons

More k cup coupons are available at grocerycouponfree.net. You can get $1.00 off on k cup packs and $10 off on Keurig coffee makers. Another online k cup coupon site is coffeegiant.com. They give free shipping with orders or 4 boxes or more, a free sampler and discounts off certain varieties. For example, one item is discounted to $13.32 for a 24 ct. box vs. $16.49. Their k cup coupons use a customer code for each discounted item. Livingwithcoupons.com uses a 16 ct. pack for their k cup coupon. With two discounts, their price is $8.79. For hot chocolate the price is $5.99.

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K cups are offered by forthemommas.com on Folgers k cups for $10.99 at Target. As we said previously, Green Mountain has partnered with companies like Folgers for k cups. Couponloop.com gives you $1.00 off on a 12 ct. box at various stores. For bulk discounts go to Amazon.com. Their offerings are time sensitive. You must buy within so many hours to get the discounts. Iheartthemart.com, has a $2.00 off k cups on a 12 ct. box.

This list is still growing. You can find many more k cup deals. Just be prepared to spend some time sorting out which one is best for you. K Cup Coupons.